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All the stuff you could want: You get savings, discounts and fun rewards.

We are proud to introduce Tabit, the first mobile app designed to scan commercials and immediately deliver rewards to your mobile phone or tablet. You can choose to redeem right away or save your rewards or redeem them online. If you’re feeling generous, share your coupons or access codes with friends!

Rewards can be as simple as an in-store coupon for your favorite cereal or redeemable online code for the hottest fashions. Savings are sent instantly to the palm of your hand.

How does it work?
Developed with a unique audio coding technology called AudioStamp©, Tabit scans content when a viewer sees a Tabit logo during the beginning of a commercial. All the viewer has to do is launch Tabit and it begins scanning the current content that they are watching.

From a commercial standpoint, rewards can range from a simple coupon offering or free gift to elaborate streaming or augmented reality objects that would engage the viewer further with a brand or show.

Beyond commercials, Tabit can link with reality shows, game shows, sitcoms, news programs and video games in innovative new ways that will revolutionize the broadcast viewing experience.

Tabit. It is the application that will redefine how we experience and interact with content. And it’s the one application the world won’t be able to live without.